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Wait a minute ... you want to learn about me? Little 'ol me??

Wow. I am honored. 


What I do:


I write picture books and board books! Yay! Pretty cool, huh? Just to be clear, I write them. I do NOT illustrate them (which you probably figured out when you saw my friends Pencil and Eraser over there).


My Goals:


* Find an editor or agent to represent me, my characters, and my unique style and humor. 


* Be my future agent's most valuable client. Seriously.

* Be one of those amazing authors with, like, 200 books published. It's incredible... but I'm totally up for it. 

* Published or not, I'm still creating. And always will be.


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What I would tell an Agent:  


* My submission package is waiting for you... just ask


* I am NEVER short on ideas or drafts. They are everywhere. Literally and figuratively. 


* I'm looking for a business partner. Two people who make each other more successful and have fun doing it.


* I want to be able to openly communicate,

bounce ideas off each other, and speak honestly. 


* I'm willing to revise, rewrite, and rethink any and all stories to make the best story possible. I LOVE opinions.










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More Personally:


I'm an awesome mom to Dimitri (11) and Elspeth (4). That's what I'm most proud of. Well... that and the fact I can move my pinky toes independently.


I know. I'm spilling talent, right?

What to Expect wtih a CJ Story: 

* You are going to laugh. Like, actually laugh. 


* There's a high probability something is going to be eaten or tricked. Or tricked then eaten. It happens. 


* It might be moral-less. You might learn something or you might not. Or you might learn that you're not always going to learn something, so you've actually learned something after all. (Mic drop.)


* It might be written in all or mostly dialogue. But I promise the dialogue is super funny! 


* Absolutely character-driven. Unique characters with fun voice and personality that are memorable. 


* Could be dark (that's where the "tricked" and "eaten" comes in... and chainsaws. Intrigued?)


* There will be potty humor. Love it or hate it, there's nothing like hearing a kid laugh at a poop joke.


* It has heart. A sweetness. Either in character or story.


* Average word count: 550; Age range: 0-8

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Writing Groups/Activities: 


* The Society of Children's Book Writers & Illustrators (SCBWI Ohio North)

* Julie Hedlund's 12x12 Picture Book Challenge

* #Storystorm Participant

* #PBChat Participant 

* Multiple critique partners/groups

* SCBWI, Mazza Museum, and local conferences, writing workshops,

webinars, contests, and discussions.

* Twitter writing community @cjpenko


Follow me:  

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